Sir Robert DeBures c. 1302

Sir Robert DeBures c. 1302
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The brass of Sir Robert is the third oldest military brass in England, and has the reputation of being the finest military bass in existence, and ranks as the finest product of medieval craftsmen. Sir Robert is shown wearing a close-fitting cap of mail continuous with a shirt of mail (hauberk) with mittens attached. His hose were also made of chain mail over which at the knees were knee cops of (poleyns) of cuirbouilli (boiled leather that is beautifully decorated.) Over his suit of mail, he is wearing a sleeveless linen tunic that is split partway up the front and back to make riding easier. The plain surcoat is tied at the waist, together with a sword belt with plaited hanger, very typical of the time. The “bures” on his shield are a pun on his name. Puns were beloved by the heraldry. The metal that was used to form his shield is different than the rest of the brass. It has been suggested that perhaps the memorial was made for someone else and the shield was added later?